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BLOOM - animation meme

1 Year ago

Deskripsi BLOOM - animation meme

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Been working hard to make something special and the time has paid off! WE ARE ALMOST TO 100k SUBSCRIBERS WOW!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

This animation focusses on one of my original characters, Diamond. She is in the same universe as Amy, Peridot, Emerald, Aquamarine, Topaz and Onyx whom you've seen from previous animations. I updated her design as well as my other characters in the universe into humans (They were anthro dogs before which, while cute, were not practical. I still love drawing their doggo designs too which is why I couldn't resist in Dancing Parrots).
So, this animation is more of an experiment to develop this character. I always love using music to tell a story. Diamond's character has changed so much since I made her. In this animation, she is in a psychological battle between herself, and the gem she was given. She hears voices, and she doesn't know whether or not to believe them or listen to her own truth. Diamond is one of the most valuable in their world but she has a hard time believing she has value beyond her gem. Their universe is still complicated, I keep modifying each bit. Diamond is not the main character, but side characters seem to be the most interesting.

I plan to continue developing their story in future animations on this channel so stay tuned!!

-----If you pay close attention you might even see hidden messages within the animation that give an inside look as to what she is facing. They are not easy to read or find but have fun looking! ----


This video was animated with Toon Boom Harmony Premium.

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